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For Sale: Challengers First Production U/L – NEW

QCU has been producing single seat Challenger I aircraft kits for almost 35 years with most being flown as Ultralights. For the 30th Anniversary of FAA Part 103 (Ultralight Aircraft), QCU decided to produce a CH I U/L kit that could be built to completely comply with Part 103. What is being offered here is the first production model of that kit.

The kit was quality custom built by Adventure Aviation and features a Stewart Systems Ultralight paint job and sailcloth wings. The instrument panel is a fold down unit custom built by Adventure Aviation and is equipped with ASI, ALT and a Grand Rapids E.I.S. It features dropped rudder pedals for a more comfortable seating position and is equipped with Black Max Hydraulic Disc Brakes and polished wheels with new tubeless tires. The lift struts and main gear legs have been hand polished and sealed with Stewart Systems Evershield.

The aircraft now has a rebuilt Rotax 377 but when fitted with a Hirth F 33, it meets all requirements of 103. The aircraft was originally fitted with the Hirth F-33 for proving compliance.

The Rotax 377 was rebuilt by Adventure Aviation. It has a fresh top end overhaul with all new gaskets. The intake and exhaust porting in the cylinders, fan shroud, gaskets and intake and exhaust manifolds have all been polished for smooth unobstructed airflow. The cylinders and pistons are within factory specs. It has all new Rotax rings, wrist pins and 503 cageless piston pin bearings.

The crank has been inspected and certified within factory specs by Airscrew Performance. The crank end bearings have been replaced with factory OEM bearings and the engine reassembled using all new crank seals.

It has new Bosch points and condensors, new factory correct 7mm copper spark plug wires using JBM boots. It has new NGK Resistor plug caps and new NGK spark plugs. The carb features a bare Bing 54 carb body and fitted with all new 377 correct jets and needle. The carb is fitted with a new K & N High Flow Air Filter and JBM Carb Boot. The engine is fitted with Hegar Drive with all new factory OEM bearings and Drive Belt. The prop is a new 54”, three blade, ground adjustable Powerfin. The complete exhaust system, fan shrouds and recoil start housing have all been ceramic coated in silver.

This plane can be sold with the current 377, a new Hirth F-33 or no engine.

I am asking $12,000 in it’s current configuration with delivery available.